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Custom Class Additions Template

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This thread is for users that would like to add on to their custom class, when you're purchasing this you will do a custom donate under the "other" category on the store. Make sure you do the correct amount and you write down exactly what items you're getting.

After purchase make a forum post on the custom class donation with proof of purchase or contact one of the owner's. 

If you're having any problems or have any concerns, you can contact the owner either via steam or discord. 






Class Features

Add a friend to your custom class: $10

Hit System added to your job: $8

Spawn with 100 armor: $8

Spawn with 150 health: $8

Salary boost: $5

Ability to make Opium: $15

Ability to make meth: $10

Ability to produce lean: $10

Ability to make all drugs: $30



Minigun(m9k_minigun): $20.00 

M60 Machinegun(m9k_m60): $7.00 

PKM(m9k_pkm): $6.00

AK-47 Vulcan (clt_akvlcn): $6.00

AWP | Dragon Lore (awpdragon): $8.00

AWP | Asiimov (awp_asiimov): $8.00 

M4A1S-Hyper Beast (weapon_m4a1hb): $8.50 

M9K Weapon(High Tier) [Assault Riffles, Shotguns, Snipers]: $6.00 

M9K Weapon(Low Tier)[Pistols, SMG's,]: $3.00 

Nomad (weapon_nomad): $9.00

Raygun MK II(deika_raygunmark2): $7.00 

Blunder Gat(deika_blundergat): $15.00 

Grenade Launcher(sw_weapon_grenadelauncher): $15.00 



Cryo Grenade(weapon_sh_cryogrenade): $5.00 

Electric Grenade(weapon_sh_electricgrenade): $5.00 

Flashbang(weapon_sh_flashbang): $2.00 

Healing Grenade(weapon_sh_healgrenade): $3.00 

Smoke Grenade(weapon_sh_smokegrenade): $2.00 



VIP Lockpick (ninjalockpick): $3.00

Breaching Charge (weapon_sh_doorcharge): $3.00

Raiding Hook (weapon_grapplehook): $4.00 

Deployable Keypad Cracker (weapon_sh_keypadcracker_deploy): $3.00 

Climb Swep (climb_swep2): $2.50



American Vape(weapon_vape_american): $3.00 

Butterfly Vape(weapon_vape_butterfly): $3.00 

Custom Vape(weapon_vape_custom): $3.00 

Juicy Vape(weapon_vape_juicy): $3.00 

Medicinal Vape(weapon_vape_medicinal): $3.00



Gatling Gabe (sh_gaben): $2.00 

Archer Crossbow (weapon_archerxbow): $4.00

Grappling Hook (realistic_hook): $2.00 

Blink (blink): $10.00 

Light Saber (weapon_lightsaber): $10.00 

Ninjas Kunai (weapon_ninjaskunai): $5.00 

Active Camoflauge (weapon_camo): $11.00 

Elastic Restraint (weapon_cuff_elastic): $4.00

Police Restraint (weapon_cuff_police): $4.00

Jihad Bomb (weapon_jihadbomb): $6.00 

RC-XD (ttt_rcxd_deploy): $3.50 

Rape SWEP (weapon_rape): $5.00 

Blood Mage's Soul(weapon_bloodmagessoul): $5.00 

Adrenaline Shot(sg_adrenaline): $3.50 

Adrenaline Medkit(sg_medkit): $5.50 

Spidermans Gun(spiderman's_swepalt): $3.50 


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