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2/14/2019 Update

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What's New:

  • Three new Royalty Jobs: Batman, Marksman, and Deadpool
  • Bat Claw SWEP
  • PPSH-41 (SMG)
  • 1911-S (Pistol)
  • Juggernaut Playermodel Changed
  • rp_downtowntown_tits map is now on the server
  • Minigames Script Added (Basketball, TDM, Falling Platforms, Hockey, Melon Race, and Soccer)
  • New Event System Added with multiple game modes and tons of rewards
  • New Loading Screen
  • Brand New inventory system added
  • New !MOTD added


What has been removed:

  • All of the Royalty jobs have been removed along with the player models, as they're all being replaced with new jobs and new content. 
  • rp_downtown_zeita has been replaced by the tits map
  • Dr. Shroom, Weaboo, Enhanced Knifed Dealer, and the Chimp's job have been removed. 
  • Double Barrel Shotgun removed from the gun dealer


What has Changed:

  • Bitminer's Coin value upped from $200 - $400
  • The S.W.A.T Breacher now has our custom police hook restraint gun
  • Ammo Machines have been fixed
  • All of the CSGO knifes from the VIP Enhanced Knifed Dealer job are now sold by the regular Knife Dealer (Bowie Knifes, Butterfly Knifes, Karambits, Shadow Daggers)
  • All the basic weapons from the enhanced gun dealer were transferred to the regular Gun dealer
  • All of the sniper's from the heavy gun dealer were transferred to the Black market dealer
  • Prop Limits increased from 50 - 125
  • Regular Keypad Cracker has been added to the Thief Job, and the Expert Thief job now has a Pro Keypad Cracker

New Inventory System: 



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