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RHEC VizeAlien

RHEC VizeAlien's Staff App

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What's your SteamID(hold tab and click on your profile and click copy SteamID and paste it here): STEAM_0:1:231303532


What's your in-game name: VizeAlien 


Discord Name and #: VizeAlien#7002


What is your age: I'm 13 will be 14 April 25


Do you have a microphone: Yes i do


Are you familiar with our rules? Yes im pretty familiar


Your time zone: PST


Describe yourself, your personality, and how you can benefit the server(One Paragraph): I think i can be a fun staff member because i will be cool and play have fun but also take care of the server. Some people may think im nice some may not  but if im describing myself i think im nice if people are being rude or and not listening i will raise my voice a little to get attention. I think i can benefit the server because it is another staff member be on. If there is problem and im able to get i will get on if im not already and solve the problem.


Have you ever been banned on ZeitaRP? If so tell why: I was perm banned for a while because my friend was making a server and i asked someone in general chat in discord if they knew any good addons and a admin got mad at me and as a joke i said "You salty?" he got mad at me perm banned me from forums, discord, and the server until the owner unbanned me recently which was super cool.


How often a week can you hop on? I will try to be on as much as possible but at the least every other day at the best everyday 


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