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  1. By often a week it means how many hours can you get on a day, but +rep
  2. THats STEAMID 64 not Steam ID please get your actual Steam id
  3. +1 , +rep seen him online, Should be accepted 100%
  4. For one follow the Format. And this answer ain't official but I can tell snipers gonna Deny it so, This application is DENIED
  5. Please can you put Specifically what times(Hours) instead of Everyday because i know you won't be on there for 24hrs not afk in a corner moving around all the time Please change that Kind Regards Admin of Zeita RP© ~ Harry
  6. This is also the exact same thing that L1am has put in his Application
  7. For one, you have just copied someone else application, so that's a -REP -1 and also I haven't seen you on.
  8. Accepted Because he already has the staff role in discord. Congrats man
  9. You break a lot of rules , You have been Banned before, just cus I spent a lot of money on the server doesn't boost your chances, (Will better behave if I get tmod or staff) btw TO get staff You have to behave, Also has been muted on discord before, Doesn't seem Mature. -REP all out
  10. Also It's not asking how long you have been on dark rp nor the server it's asking what is your time zone
  11. "How often a week can you hop on" Everyday if you don't see me on it's because a doctor's appointment, Tbh -1 due to the fact you haven't sepecidifcly put hours witch is what is ment to be there also are you really gonna spend 24hrs on the server being active(Moving around) or do you mean " I'm just gonna be afk and not give to shits about what's happening in the server" SMH
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