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  1. Your Application Is: Pending You will be notified on any status update Harryplays Admin Of ZeitaRP
  2. Your Application is: Pending You will be notified on a Status Update. Harryplays Admin Of ZeitaRP
  3. Your Application is: Pending. This app will be passed onto sniper and will be reviewed soon. Harryplays Admin of Zeita RP
  4. By often a week it means how many hours can you get on a day, but +rep
  5. THats STEAMID 64 not Steam ID please get your actual Steam id
  6. +1 , +rep seen him online, Should be accepted 100%
  7. For one follow the Format. And this answer ain't official but I can tell snipers gonna Deny it so, This application is DENIED
  8. Please can you put Specifically what times(Hours) instead of Everyday because i know you won't be on there for 24hrs not afk in a corner moving around all the time Please change that Kind Regards Admin of Zeita RP© ~ Harry
  9. This is also the exact same thing that L1am has put in his Application
  10. For one, you have just copied someone else application, so that's a -REP -1 and also I haven't seen you on.
  11. Accepted Because he already has the staff role in discord. Congrats man
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