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  1. What's your SteamID(hold tab and click on your profile and click copy SteamID and paste it here): I am on mobile but I will DM my steam Id to you if you ask me to do so. What's your in-game name: hjallen Discord Name and #: boatymcboatface#9194 What is your age: 14 Do you have a microphone: Yes. Are you familiar with our rules? Yes I am familiar. Your time zone: BST. Describe yourself, your personality, and how you can benefit the server(One Paragraph): I am a very chilled out guy overall but will be very strict when needed. I think that can benefit the server HUGELY and that means it can lead to more players coming to the game if it has respectful players and moderators. I will benefit the server by trying my best to bring more members to the server and control them at the same time. I will make sure everyone follows the rules and I will always have a sense of humour when needed. Have you ever been banned on ZeitaRP? If so tell why: No I have not been banned. How often a week can you hop on? Whenever you need me to be I will do my best to be there.
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