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  1. Please copy and paste your Steam Page Link Here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198313889657/ What's your SteamID(hold tab and click on your profile and click copy SteamID and paste it here): 76561198313889657 What's your in-game name: TheProDragon Discord Name and #: DragonGAmer#3090 What is your age: 13 Do you have a microphone: yes Are you familiar with our rules? yes I am but not some of them but i will get used to it Your time zone: Time zone in Brunei (GMT+8) Describe yourself, your personality, and how you can benefit the server(One Paragraph): I am a idiot sometimes, I like it when people are having fun but sad that one people is gonna get banned due to not gonna be playing for a while. I want to be as calm as i can during a hard sit. I really just want the server to have fun thats all that matters to me fun. Have you ever been banned on ZeitaRP? If so tell why: No i havnt How often a week can you hop on? I will now hop on 1 or 2 hours a day sometimes i might not be online for a good reason as i said i am 13 right now so i will have school and homework.
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