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  1. Please copy and paste your Steam Page Link Here: What's your SteamID(hold tab and click on your profile and click copy SteamID and paste it here): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276072312/ I do have one VAC ban but that was a long time ago and I dont do that stuff anymore my friend Rarest talked to you about it earlier. I've learned my lesson. If you can please still consider me that would be much appreciated. What's your in-game name: BobertFTW Discord Name and #: BobertFTW#5751 What is your age: 16 Do you have a microphone: yes Are you familiar with our rules? Yes I am Your time zone: Pacific Standard time Describe yourself, your personality, and how you can benefit the server(One Paragraph): I am hard-working and I can resolve problems easily. I dont get mad easily and know how to calm people down. I can be a benefit to this server because I am familiar with the role of an admin and I know what to do in tuff situations. Have you ever been banned on ZeitaRP? If so tell why: No I have not and I dont planned to be How often a week can you hop on? Pretty much everyday. Except if I get in trouble or am on vacation.
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