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  1. What's New: Three new Royalty Jobs: Batman, Marksman, and Deadpool Bat Claw SWEP PPSH-41 (SMG) 1911-S (Pistol) Juggernaut Playermodel Changed rp_downtowntown_tits map is now on the server Minigames Script Added (Basketball, TDM, Falling Platforms, Hockey, Melon Race, and Soccer) New Event System Added with multiple game modes and tons of rewards New Loading Screen Brand New inventory system added New !MOTD added What has been removed: All of the Royalty jobs have been removed along with the player models, as they're all being replaced with new jobs and new content. rp_downtown_zeita has been replaced by the tits map Dr. Shroom, Weaboo, Enhanced Knifed Dealer, and the Chimp's job have been removed. Double Barrel Shotgun removed from the gun dealer What has Changed: Bitminer's Coin value upped from $200 - $400 The S.W.A.T Breacher now has our custom police hook restraint gun Ammo Machines have been fixed All of the CSGO knifes from the VIP Enhanced Knifed Dealer job are now sold by the regular Knife Dealer (Bowie Knifes, Butterfly Knifes, Karambits, Shadow Daggers) All the basic weapons from the enhanced gun dealer were transferred to the regular Gun dealer All of the sniper's from the heavy gun dealer were transferred to the Black market dealer Prop Limits increased from 50 - 125 Regular Keypad Cracker has been added to the Thief Job, and the Expert Thief job now has a Pro Keypad Cracker New Inventory System:
  2. Application accepted, however if you're not going to use your mic that's going to be an issue. Please contact me via discord: XxsnipercatxX81#6508
  3. What's new: Bitminers 2 An advanced Jewelry Robbery system Tons of new weapons added just for the mining system. Changed the three weapons that you're given when The Purge begins: MAC 10, HK | 416, Mossberg 590 A lot of the donator weapons have been blacklisted during The Purge to even things out! What has been removed: Bitminers 1 ATM's Daily Rewards system (Might add it back later) Sweps that were added to the Mining System: AK-47 Beast ASMD Shock Rifle Balrog V G36C Crossbow Disintegrator Divine Flint Lock Fortnite Scar's Freeze Ray L96 Dragon Umbrella Shotgun Orb Launcher AR-1 Guitar SF - Ethereal
  4. Please get some more play time on the community and then feel free to submit another application later.
  5. Application accepted, make sure you re-read the rules again to get an understanding of them.
  6. I've personally never seen you on, and we try to look for staff members who are at least 14 years of age. Application denied.
  7. Be more active on the community, and then feel free to submit another application later.
  8. Application denied, failed to follow the correct format.
  9. Application denied as the application was not completely filled out for one of the questions. You can feel free to submit another application in one week.
  10. I like to know the true age of potential staff members, and if you're some kid that is just trying to be funny and put an excessive age on your application then that means you're not taking it seriously.
  11. Application denied, next time actually fill out your own application.
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